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PhysioPilates May + June 2023

How will your body feel in Spring and Summer?

May + June bring lots of PhysioPilates in both the indoor and outdoor studios!

PhysioPilates is your body moving regularly, anatomically, and purposefully to achieve optimal function in the articular (joints) and muscular system. Physiotherapists provide precise cueing, individual feedback and open dialogue - injury prevention and rehabilitation at its finest! Hips, knees, spines, pelvic floors, necks, shoulders, wrists, and ankles are all welcome here.

Jessica Bergevin offers modifications in her PhysioPilates classes for any injury or movement consideration - she will make you feel comfortable moving your body and might make you laugh.

The goals of PhysioPilates (Group Physiotherapy) classes are to support:

  • Healthy movement

  • Social connection

  • Pelvic floor muscle health

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation for childbirth

  • Development of therapeutic home exercise routine

  • Physical activity in nature and gardens

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