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Please use the following appointment guide for booking prenatal and postpartum physiotherapy appointments. You can choose to book more or less frequently, depending on your symptoms and treatment goals, and have no obligation to book the full series of recommended appointments.


If you are pregnant or postpartum, once you have completed an initial pelvic floor assessment as a new patient, your following appointments times will be scheduled according to pregnancy weeks and postpartum rehabilitation timelines. 


1. Initial Prenatal Assessment – weeks 12-21

- Identify goals
- Educate about pelvic floor anatomy and function
- Teach safe movement strategies for pregnancy
- Guide prenatal physical activity, including pelvic floor exercises
- Diastasis Recti precautions
- Address/treat any musculoskeletal symptoms

2. Prenatal Care – weeks 22-35
- Review pelvic floor exercises
- Internal pelvic exam (assess pelvic floor muscle tension and strength)
- Personalized home exercise program
- Manual therapy (hands on treatment) for abdominal wall, ribcage, and pelvis
- Address/treat any musculoskeletal symptoms

3. Birth Preparation – weeks 36-40
- Practice pelvic floor relaxations and pushing techniques
- Teach/practice positions for labour and delivery
- Manual therapy (hands on treatment) for abdominal wall, ribcage, and pelvis

- C-section considerations 
- Discuss early post-partum health

4. Post-Partum Follow Up – 6-8 weeks after delivery
- Reassess movement, abdominal wall and pelvic floor
- Movement strategies for motherhood
- Address/treat any musculoskeletal symptoms
- Begin gentle post-partum exercise

5. Ongoing Support 12 weeks - ongoing
- Set goals for return to sport/activity
- Individual home exercise program
- Reassess pelvic floor strength progression
- Scar mobilization (perineum or c-section) – if applicable
- Address/treat any musculoskeletal symptoms

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