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Orthopaedics, Pelvic Health, and Pilates

Physiotherapy prevents, corrects, and alleviates movement dysfunction

of anatomic or physiological origin through the use of therapeutic modalities.

At Remedia, our therapeutic modalities of choice are exercise movement techniques, manual therapy, pelvic floor training, pain science, and dietitian collaboration. 


Our physiotherapists promote, maintain, and restore the

physical and physiological well-being of our patients. 

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Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Assessment

60 minutes


Physiotherapy Treatment

45 minutes


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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Assessment + Treatment

60 minutes


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy


60 minutes


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(Group Physiotherapy)

55 minutes


Choose between:

Therapeutic Pilates

Intermediate Pilates

Prenatal Pilates

Core Restore

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2024 Remedia Calendars (1).jpg

Pilates Classes Information

1. The cost per Pilates class is $24 (no hst).

2. Pilates classes are billed as Group Physiotherapy, covered by some insurance plans.

3. All participants require a Physiotherapy Assessment (billed separately) for referral into Pilates.

4. You are able to register for individual classes. 

5. You are required to register for each individual class you wish to attend. Except Prenatal.

6. You will receive a receipt for each class for potential insurance/health reimbursements.

7. You can pay individually for classes as you go (via credit/debit, cash or e-transfer to ) OR purchase a package of 5 classes for $120 (there will be credit in your online account and you can be reimbursed anytime). 

8. If you need assistance with booking please email



Prenatal Assessment – week 12-21

- Prenatal physical activity guidelines
- Pelvic floor and core education

- Pelvic floor muscle training 
- Diastasis rectii abdominis (DRA) care

- Pain management and prevention

Prenatal Care – week 22-35

- Review pelvic floor exercises
- Internal pelvic exam (assess pelvic floor muscle tension and strength)
- Personalized home exercise program
- Manual therapy (hands on treatment) for abdominal wall, ribcage, and pelvis

Birth Preparation – week 35-40

- Positions for labour and delivery

- Pushing techniques

- Perineal massage

- C-section considerations 
- Early post-partum health preparation



Appointment Guide

The following prenatal physiotherapy recommendations are evidence-informed for optimal care. You have no obligation to book the full series of recommended appointments. You can choose to book more or less frequently, depending on your goals and symptoms.

Please book all prenatal post-partum appointments as Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.

Post-Partum Rehabilitation

Post-Partum Follow Up – 6-8 weeks

- Reassess movement, abdominal wall and pelvic floor
- Movement strategies for motherhood
- Address/treat any musculoskeletal symptoms
- Begin gentle post-partum exercise

Ongoing Support 12 weeks - ongoing

- Pelvic floor health

- Clearance for impact exercise

- Return to activity/sport
- Scar mobilization (vaginal or c-section)
- Postural Strengthening

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Nature-Based Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists prescribe and lead nature-based physiotherapy.

Stay tuned for 2024 options...

Want to be notified of

upcoming options?

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