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Pilates Classes Information

1. The cost per Pilates class is $24 (no hst).

2. Pilates classes are billed as Group Physiotherapy, covered by some insurance plans.

3. All participants require a Physiotherapy Assessment (billed separately) for referral into Pilates.

4. You are able to register for individual classes. Except for Prenatal Pilates (4-Week sessions).

5. You are required to register for each individual class you wish to attend. Except Prenatal.

6. You will receive a receipt for each class for potential insurance/health reimbursements.

7. You can pay individually for classes as you go (via e-transfer to or cash) OR purchase a package of 4 classes for $96 (recommended and required for Prenatal- there will be credit in your online account and you can be reimbursed anytime). 

8. If you need assistance with booking please email

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